The Hundred Classic

The Hundred Classic episodes of Yamara that originally appeared in Dragon and Valkyrie magazines.
May 26, 2005Little Fighter
May 30, 2005Just That Evil
Jun 02, 2005All 18s
Jun 13, 2005Foreshadowing
Jun 16, 2005Poopsie Generation
Jun 20, 2005Darth Fëa, Rise
Jun 23, 2005The Transom Of Woe
Jun 27, 2005Behind Open Doors
Jun 30, 2005Type IV Wall
Jul 14, 2005What The Toad Knew
Jul 28, 2005Business Model
Aug 22, 2005Blag Loses It
Aug 29, 2005Kids
Sep 12, 2005Bringing Up Ogrek
Sep 19, 2005Two...
Sep 26, 2005Look Down
Oct 06, 2005Hallowed Airspace
Oct 10, 2005More Garlic
Oct 17, 2005Say Yes
Oct 27, 2005Embedded NPCs
Oct 31, 2005New Digs
Nov 03, 2005Lo!
Nov 10, 2005Experience
Nov 17, 2005You Lucky Stiff
Nov 21, 2005Monsters' Patio
Nov 28, 2005Muffle Phlug
Dec 12, 2005Boys! Boys! Boys!
Dec 19, 2005Meet The Clerds
Dec 29, 2005Beyond Strategy
Jan 02, 2006Shopping
Jan 19, 2006Career Counseling
Jan 23, 2006Vacation
Mar 23, 2006Unbreakable
Mar 27, 2006It's Her Favorite
Mar 30, 2006Lost Episode
Apr 13, 2006Mime Ray
Apr 27, 2006Fan Service
May 15, 2006Halfling Apocrypha

The Working Title War

Yamara and pals are up against the incredibly nice government of Yocchi and some actually evil people in a struggle none dare bother to name.