First published: November, 1990. First posted online: September 01, 2005.

“Catch the Magic Missile”. Yeah, a little in-joke for all us longtime D&D nerds out there.

Shall we let everyone else in on it? Why trying to catch a magic missile is funny?
Nah. Let the straights wonder. They look so stupid when they sit there, wondering.
They aren’t even aware of how antisocial their behavior is.


Q. Could you at least tell us whether the plastic Headpiece actually made Ralph a god or not?

A. Hm. That always was potentially a vague part of the joke…

Thank heavens for webcomicdom’s culture of titling individual strips. This allows us to explain our humorous intent without creating a proper setup of the joke within the strip itself.

Or rants! They can explain everything you botched while cartooning. QED: Ralph does not become a god. He’s just pretending.

How much Fea’s perverted subconscious is playing along, and how much is merely her typical degree of self-deluded confusion, is up to the individual reader to fantasize ov decide.