Online Since January or February 1997. Reposted April 13, 2006.
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After some early fixes, the header above this page originally read, “Yamara, Page 2, The Remastered Special Edition”. However, like true Star Wars fans, we’re unsatisfied with this re-remastered one. Ogrek no longer shoots first, and it’s all Lucas’ fault for never leaving the ranch.

Actually, our old scanner died a year ago, leaving us with one with a dinky 8.5×11″ platen. Since this page was executed on a slightly larger piece of Bristol board, there was no way to jam it onto the cunningly-engineered Dell machine we currently “enjoy”. So last night it was off to Kinko’s! Surely one of their mighty design stations would save us.

But no. Dink, dink, dink and dinky were the scanner platens waiting for someone foolish enough to approach. The help only had access to the same behind the counter. So much for the Archival Age. Welcome to the Epoch of Dink. Chris had to settle with making an imperfect washed-out color copy (why, Grandmother Copier, what big platen you have!) and that’s mostly what you see above. Some of the Mime Ray bits are blown up from the old 1997 “master”. Overall, it’s sharper, but most of it just isn’t dark enough.

We’ll get back to perfecting this one– whenever we again find a great queen-sized scanner out there, willing to contain our burstingly huge art.


P.S. The IMG tag for this one used to read:
ALT=”YAMARA: The Remastered Special Edition will not be shown tonight. Please stay tuned for PUREBREED MINPIN RUGBY WRESTLING, Live from Kensington.”

P.P.S. The December 1995 Lost Episode is inked and scanned, and will be up within 24 hours is now posted.