Online Since August 1997. Reposted April 17, 2006.
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The original header for this one read “Yamara, page 3, Sneak Peek”. Which it still is, apparently. Because Chris has only HAD EIGHT AND A HALF FOURTEEN YEARS TO GET IT PROPERLY COLORIZED.

Which makes this the perfect time to try to launch an RSS feed. We’ve already kakked up the first couple attempts, but starting now, the latest page should load. As opposed to the previous one. Humongous thanks to Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame for inventing and hosting RSSPECT, and to Tycho for heralding its advent.

Back to the strip. Frequent visitors will recognize that today’s strip has been rescanned from the original, but may make comparisons to the 1997 version here. The reason the coloring was originally set aside was that we were invited to 2.0, and Chris was spending all his free time coding and arting for that. Comm-pew-terrz were much slower then, despite our being the proud owners of a Mac “Design Station”, and just waiting for Director to parse the Shockwave files into a useable format meant an afternoon. Don’t even ask about Photoshop. So Page 4, appearing on, took precedence, while page 3 languished in a twilight state of uncertain hue.

And coloring it this time? Free time no longer exists, and so we have to “make” it, using quantum foam accelerators and harvesting transversal crash points.
Such a hassle.

But it should be done Tuesday, early Wednesday.