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And so the day came that the SciFi Channel invited us to their online convention…

1997 was actually a very busy year for Yamaradom. We were attempting to continue the main strip online without any hope of remuneration (then a very new concept to mankind) while running the spinoff Warchief: The Alumnus in Shadis magazine, and readying Alcott Squad– another, more serious, spinoff starring Arcalula– for the startup gaming magazine Troll.

And then teevee paid some brief attention to our stuff. SciFi didn’t have many rules to follow in setting up the “booth”, just some deadlines for uploading and some specific header and footer code. They didn’t even demand that links be all internal to their site, so we were able to program a good deal of external control of content. SciFi.con 2.0 ran from October 31 – November 2, 1997, but this episode didn’t post immediately, as Chris was busy building everything else. Indeed, for several hours, these placeholders were seen on SciFi’s Yamara page, which is why we list today’s episode as appearing in November, not October, 1997:

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Chris spent weeks and weeks over constructing Shockwave presentations for each of the strips, to create a fun little spot at the convention to visit. We were excitied that our comics had a bright and immediate future.

Within a year, Shadis had cancelled Warchief, Troll had perished with its second issue, and the millennium loomed. The comics suddenly seemed to have reached their point of exhaustion, and thanks to prodding about time travel from a certain David Fooden, we focussed on proving our serious side to a world that, so far, had only accepted our humorous submissions. If CºNTINUUM was to reach its GenCon 1999 release date, all attention would have to be paid to finishing and promoting that.

Thus, apart from Valkyrie, in the UK, bravely trying to carry the already-drawn-but-morosely-plotted Alcott Squad for a few issues, the episode here before you was the last word from Wyhtl to surface for about three years.


But you only have to wait till Monday to find out what happened when we agreed to run all-new Yamaras in Valkyrie.


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