alcott squad

Yamara's Cyborg Sister Arcalula
and her Commando Girl Rock Band from Space

Unlimited Engagement.   Appease TicketGod or contact Aetherco for concert dates for your planet.

Updated May 18, 2005.


Meet the Girls!!!
Okay, you can't really meet the girls. But you can read more about them...

Arcalula   *   Kafira   *   Kirilianti

Alcott SquadThey never were meant to have met.
Three diminutive women from disparate universes collide through a cosmic mistake and turn it into a holiday of music and saving worlds. Romance, loss, pride, friendship, violence, dietary restrictions, crystal swords singing for blood, retractable cybernetic inlines, chaos theory, rhythym, blues, mosh, indifferent roadies, organizational skills, drug arguments, explosions, unwisely dangerous politics and other girly stuff result.
ALCOTT SQUAD ran in Troll and Valkyrie magazines, and was Manui & Adams' first serious strip since Hob appeared in d8 magazine back in 1995. The comic was also showcased on SciFi Channel's 1997 online convention (our booth is archived here).
Well, it's not entirely serious. It got playful. Like a bear gets playful.

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