alcott squad

lead guitar

Uploaded September 12, 2000

born Arcalula Tooke, third of eight kids, 36 B.Y., Eatburg, Wyhtl

height 115cm (inlines retracted)
weight 25.401kg (with 0 payload)
vitals (traditional) 22"-12"-20"

cybernetic stats

trrn-ups   trrn-downs
extremely fast vehicles with unnecessarily loud sound systems   watching any machine break down, and junkyards– "It just hits too close to home, y'know?"
guys that can fill a shirt and a conversation– "You better be able to keep up with my apps, boy!"   guys who insist her native language is called English instead of its real name Wyhtlian– "And don't try lines like 'our tongues are so alike'! Eww!"
saving natural environments– "It's like my life and that Joni Mitchell cover. 'Don't know what you got till it's nano.' That's the actual lyrics on one paraverse we toured. Do not bring your litter here! Go Mom Nature!!"   annoying, repetitive dreams in which she is really overweight, and being eaten by a land shark

quick bio
Arcalula [pictured above, with EXTREMELY Big Hair] began life as a pretty halfling-lass from a big family, but then her life changed. She remembers being abducted by aliens, sold to other aliens, turned into a skinny cyborg, and held in slavery on dark planets. Her only solace was her microcello, cybernetically concealed in her left forearm.

While falling into an unusual, nightmarish rip in the multiverse (which the Squad only refers to as "The Pit") she hooked up with Kaf and Kiril. Despite some initial disagreements (Kiril wanted the band to have a disco sound, Kafira wanted Kiril killed for additional reasons) they decided to form a rock band that would save various civilizations and other people suffering under tyranny. Arcalula insisted it had never been done before.

Armed with the boundless optimism of her kind, plus a scary amount of cybernetic hardware, whenever she faces a new villain Arky says: "Looks like right is on our side. Let's eat 'em up!" Actually, she's only said that once, in front of a candy store. But her fans get the idea.


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