First published: November, 1992. First posted online: November 24, 2005.

Happy Turkey Feast. Kick back and enjoy the bread and circuses this weekend.

Well. The ten pages of “Γ” are now all online. –Despite earlier hints, there were only ten comic pages in this proposal sent to Dragon fifteen years ago, not twelve. Sorry. Sometimes, we can’t do math. We’ll see about adding more commentary about the piece, though. Kudos to all the old TSR staff that took it seriously, those who pulled for it, and those with sapient criticism. Some sober and sobering stuff is in “Γ”. Anyone who remembers Gunnar Thorson, or has read Hob or the fiction elements of CºNTINUUM knows dramatic business is close to our artistic heart.


And that heart has been a comic series that we’ve dropped hints about, from Dragon*Con to d8 magazine, for the past twenty years. If all goes as planned, sometime on Friday, November 25, AD 2005, the first page of Aether Tales will post.

Decades of ever-changing plans have led us to make a simple launch. To just… begin. It’s the way of the web, as it seems the wisest way to proceed in the world. There should be a new page every Friday, but the work will, ultimately, proceed at its own pace. Odds are this is what we’ll be doing with the lion’s share of our art time for the rest of our lives.

Yamara fans should not be disheartened, though. Quite the contrary: A weekly Aether Tales will show whether Chris can get up to speed in drawing. There are already enough Yamara strips in existence to run two a week from here through May, 2006. There is more story and more funny to go in Yamara, and we expect to be able to start rolling her tale forward again by then.


I thought it was going to be different;

It turned out to be(,) just the same.

                                      L’heure Bleue, 1975.





Q. You’re not claiming you own “neo-otyughs”… are you?

A. Naturally not. It is a ‘reference’ made for humorous purposes, well within the purview of ‘fair use’ for satiric content. Cf. Foxtrot, VG Cats, etc. etc.


Q. The glasses! They do NOTHING!

A. What the–? Oh. You mean the lettering that’s too small to read. That was a bit oblique. Okay, here:

Sylph Wrestling Is On, Panel 1 (detail):
Panel One (detail)
Sylph Wrestling Is On, Panel 2 (detail):
Panel Two (detail)
Sylph Wrestling Is On, Panel 3 (detail):
Panel Three (detail)