First published: April, 1990. First posted online: August 08, 2005.
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As has been pointed out on many occasions, before 1973, “roleplaying” meant only one thing: swinger sex fantasies.

Despite living in an era of hairy male sailor scouts, furry fetishists, and the otaku who love them, it still amazes us that so much psychological baggage manifests between Fëa and Ralph in so few strips. Really, this ought to take pages and pages of interwoven complexities. We’re not self-appointing ourselves geniuses of the caliber of Clowes or Los Bros Hernandez, or anything. We’re just noticing, while reviewing our own work, what simple creatures people really are.

It’s this simplicity that’s actually kinda scary.


Q. Regarding the title, what does this strip have to do with Yamara’s godhead?

A. This is obviously a strip tangential to Yamara’s state of divinity. We suspect that we were thinking that Fëa wasn’t going to be evil much longer, and if we were going to work in any Ralph-tries-to-adapt jokes, it would have to be now.

Also, as a final note, this was the last of the vertical strips, and one of the very few episodes to employ a silent panel.