First published: June, 1990. First posted online: August 15, 2005.

Fëa’s Flesh to Plush (Alteration/Reversible)
Level 5; Range: 3″; Duration: Permanent; Area of Effect: One Creature; Components: V,S,M; casting Time: 2 segments; Saving Throw: Neg.

A version of Item that appeals to toddlers, this spell transforms average people and monsters with free will and lives, into small dolls. The doll resembles the former person in most respects, and gives off no magical aura whatsoever. And the plush stuffing of the dolls appeals to family pets with that urge to gnaw and worry. The reverse of the spell restores hapless victims to whatever state the doll was left in. It also turns plushy things (i.e. carpets, dolls, tapestries, upholstery) into fleshy things (i.e. hormad tissue, shoggoths, the Blob).

For more of Fëa’s private spells, see Radio Free Wyhtl #0.2. (Note these aren’t “official” like Fea’s Flesh to Plush, which appeared with the above description in the Letters section of Dragon #190, pg. 4.)