First published: September, 1990. First posted online: August 25, 2005.

Honestly? We have no idea what’s going on here.

Oh, yeah, the FriNn are restoring Yamara to her original form, but, like, where are her god-powers, and why the little FriNn suit, and why even have this episode.

This is about where we began to hear the critique from Lake Geneva: “It’s more weird than funny.” This one made print because impending pain is always funny. Like in Loony Tunes.

But we have no idea what the hell is actually happening in this strip.


Q. What is going on in this episode?

A. Look, we don’t know! We never knew. It was never supposed to make any sense.

Bet other webcomics don’t get grilled over how much sense they make.

It was fifteen years ago. We were young.

We were in love.