Yocchi is become the Napoleon of gaming worlds.

Those of you who joined us earlier, including, presumably, our rss feeds, saw an earlier version of the piece above. It’s been slow going. At this writing, Top Webcomics seems to be down, so we’ll take that as a reprieve from posting new vote incentives until sometime late on Friday.

Our apologies. The slowdown in production is mainly because writing this scene has been like pulling teeth. Pulling Yocchi’s teeth. It’s really just to set up Yocchi being confidently in charge of things. Thus, much time was spent not-drawing to come up with this and the next page.

Self-confident competence is… hard to write jokes for. For one thing, there’s usually no reason. (“Ha ha! lookit you! You did it right! And won the game! …And succeeded. …And posted finished work on time…..”) It usually needs an incompetent idiot to play off, and that should be fine, but in comedy, the idiot usually foils the competent character, or at least himself; here Yocchi has to make all the right decisions and everyone present goes along with her.

If only we could imagine some moron trying to run the world! Bet there’s some yuks to mine there.

Anyhow, scripts for several pages into “The Future” are ready, and we’re crossing our fingers that this is but a speed bump.

Yocchi wallpaper and Blackmail by Monday. It’s nice to dream have sane reachable goals, isn’t it.