The anger of a frustrated halfling not at equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value.

Vote incentives are renewed: A black & white panel #1 with dialogue, and, since next week is only two panels, instead of panel two we give you a somewhat different image from “The Future”. If you’re actually reading this in “The Future”, well, you’re late.


For those of you from outside the U.S., tryptophan is an enzyme in turkey which, according to an urban legend that sprung from our Thanksgiving Day holiday, causes drowsiness. It was hallowed into the halls of comedy fame by an episode of Seinfeld that celebrated this odd but common topic of holiday conversation.

You may be wondering whether eating intelligent creatures is evil or something. As a general rule, in the real world, YES IT IS WRONG. But we will be exploring this issue once the long-expected barbeque begins in a few weeks.