[Rant updated June 01, 2006 & June 19, 2011.]

Dragons have been taking it in the eye lately. It’s a bit more obvious to shoot into its soft spot than to seek an unlikely gap in its armor, or to wear down its copious hit points. The Dreamland Chronicles has one of the more recent dragon eye-pokes; we know we’ve come across at least three in webcomics over the past two months, and will post any here as we find them. (Here’s a more tame one: World of Eos). We wrote this episode sometime in the late nineties when we were mad at Dragon for some now-long-dead reason, but it seemed appropriate to use it as an intro to the new chapter.

Another thing, what is it with the backwards-facing horns on a lot of dragons? Not very adaptive for underground, that’s plain. Perhaps it keeps younger dragons safe from chompy older dragons; but on a colossal wyrm it just looks like a heavy showpiece. It’s not doing anyone any good, aside from patient Chinese medicine salesmen and maybe a handful of lucky archeologists.

We’ve already gotten some Immortalization Tips– thank you! It’s a Paypal thing, in case that wasn’t clear. Your tips are adding up to more than your name on a Yamara by the way… they’re allowing us to produce desktops. The first one will be of Yocchi (as shown at the top of the site) with a few other characters, and will be available free sometime next week. Why tip if everyone gets a copy? This is where Blackmail Unlimited comes in, giving you a bit more say than the common mooch. The more tips, the more… interesting the wallpaper. Oh, there’s a structure; and current tips all are adding to the initial pot, so don’t be shy. Full details in June.


Some observations on the art on this ep. It’s an action scene, so we’ve added more light and shadow than usual. Check the vote incentives for the first two panels of next week’s installment; they’re more what the average Working Title War page will be like. Though maybe more finished balloons. Still not satisfied with Fontographer’s take on Chris’ hand, so for now the lettering is still manual…

And, the bit of violence. If anyone wants to comment that they think this is too PG-13 or so, please inform us in the forums below. In the meantime, if you’re very young: Kids, Yamara is helping the dragon get something out of his eye. Right before she kills him for food.