First published: December, 1994. First posted online: February 20, 2006.
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So we says to ourselves, whadda we do about these tiny letters, getting eensier all the time? And then it hits us…

Mind you, this gives you a png of nearly a meg in size. So we may have to accede to going jpeg, despite our preference for the open source format. Maybe at these dimensions, a lower-res png will suffice. But for now, we torture you with our absurdly massive file size.


Marginalia, December 1994.
Commentary added, 1997.02;   Reedited 1999.07.16, 2006.02.20 & 2011.06.18

Sometimes all the jokes just don’t fit, even in a chock-full Yamara episode. Or they’re a little more bent than the market can bear. Such was case with the tag joke for this episode, at left. The reference to creatures in Magic: The Gathering would have been more than TSR could have tolerated.






And at right is our observation upon Libram X, a fine strip also running at that time in Dragon, by the Lessls. (Story by Jeff Grubb and Dave Gross).

Libram X involved a beautiful woman who loses all her clothes, and her quest to find some. Seriously. That was the entire plot of series, each episode running for multiple color pages. For months.

Note that it is believed that Glathheld was preparing to take Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen Productions (creators of The X-Files) to court over the use of the name “Scully” when the Hard Fun industrialist met his untimely end.