First published: November, 1991. First posted online: October 13, 2005.

And so by his very presence, Ogrek single-handedly refreshes the meaning of the word “encumbrance”.

Various notes on our little paean to packing your dungeon duffel:

  • For some reason, this strip lost its glued-on title logo, even before arriving at Steve Jackson Games for inclusion into the book (see pg. 27). With the might and magic of modern technology, we stuck it back on using a “computer graphics interface”, and its upper left corner no longer appears so naked.
  • St. Nobian’s holy water probably isn’t the blood of Christ, but such a possibility should cross your mind when considering the depth of satire Panel Two represents to our mass-marketed culture of planned obsolesence.
  • The life preserver in Panel Four now reads “HMS Princeps Ark”. For all of you little emperors out there who prefer circling above drowning victims from the safety of your spelljammer.