First published: February, 1989. First posted online: June 20, 2005.

The beginning of the “Siege at Dark Natasha’s Flat” sequence.


Q. Wasn’t it “Siege at Dark Natasha’s Tower” in the book?

A. Yes, that’s what it says on the frontispiece. We told them to put “Siege at Dark Natasha’s Flat”, but that’s not how the folks at Steve Jackson Games printed it.

Don’t get us wrong, SJG is a great bunch of people. Awesome, even. But we suspect that someone down in Texas didn’t know what a “flat” was.

(It’s a British term for an “apartment”. Here’s The Word Detective for the lowdown.)

The change was made without consulting us. Now, “Siege at Dark Natasha’s Apartment”… is funny. “Siege at Some Tower” –not really funny.

Add to the fact that Nattie plainly lives underground, and this whole “Tower” thing gets all weird and uncomfortable. Everyone just knows someone made a boo-boo somewhere, and no one really has the heart to bring it up.