First published: September, 1993. First posted online: December 29, 2005.

Here’s Chris thinking he’s Aragones… sigh. It’s not much better close up. On the plus side, our d-word editing allowed us to sneak the D.E.L.V.E. in from the print compilation (the term never appeared in the magazine run).

We’ll be catching up with our inset shots as soon as we can, but we’ve been racing to keep up with special holiday color treats, and Aether Tales (that 4th page is up, btw). However, as a special New Year’s gift, here’s another Lost Episode, out of the blue:


The Visions of Surfeit  [521 kb], rejected for September, 1993.

The Visions of Surfeit

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Despite it being a very sketchy rough, and unlike other Lost Episodes, we consider it canonical. If you assume the last four panels are part of Yamara’s hallucinations.