But that would be stupid.

Accompanying our comics relaunch, behold! Radio Free Wyhtl.

When we took up Vinny Salzillo‘s offer for webspace in 1996, (and later launched Yamara.com in 1997,) our hope was to create an ongoing Yamara comic presence, and a place to communicate with fans. We got about as far as four pages of Yamara and some early Shockwave quasi-animation at SciFi.com. But blogging hadn’t really been widely understood just yet, and while the creators of online strips like Goats and Sluggy Freelance seemed to have found the time to found webcomicdom in earnest, we had to consider many real life issues, especially since we stopped really being paid for this stuff.

Several jobs and a couple of published roleplaying games later, and we wake to find the world awash in these freaky things, these things, these expressions, reaching millions by their sheer interestingness alone. Free is the new Pay-Per-View. Even the Foglios are getting it.

Some of our favorites of the webcomic phenom are already linked here, but we know: this ain’t news, gran’pa. We’re just saying. You want an audience, take one. They’re free, too.

Just stay smart enough to earn your money somewhere else.