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Come sing, children, it's...

YAMARA by Manui & Adams

For eight years the comic strip YAMARA ran in Dragon Magazine,
when D&D was the only game in town.

The story so far...

Returning to Wyhtl from the planet Hard Fun©, Yamara, the unwilling
halfling wife of Ogrek the Undisciplined has startled herself by
completing her training as a master thief under the tutelage of the vampire
Persephone, while aboard Ogrek's curiously familiar spaceboat,
The Dark Treacle.  Yamara's motivation has been to
escape her matrimonial misstep with Mr. Undisciplined, and go off and do
something, indeed anything, else.

Persey, having won the heart of the good human cleric, Joe Holy,
and knowing that she has only a little time to squeak under the resurrection
deadline before she's stuck vampiric and bald forever, decides to join Joe
in his world by making a fresh start-- a secret pact with the dark dark elf
goddess Denise so that one of Denise's Evil High Priestesses will
bring her back from undeadness.

Stress, another, prenumerate wife of Ogrek's and the only dark elf
Evil High Priestess on board, has performed the raising, but is now without
general magic oomph for about a month. (It's an old rule.) Her life goal is
Ogrek's death, which by now she is used to him miraculously avoiding.

Caught up in this savannah of intrigue is none other than Ralph the Toad,
former familiar to the elven game show hostess Fea, and bosun
aboard the Treacle.  He feeds Persey cream of mushroom soup as
her first living meal in 500 years, the consequences of which will
Change the World.

But in the meantime, Stress has left Yocchi in charge of the World,
and the dark elves back on Wyhtl. Yocchi is an extremely affable monster,
the last of her kind, indestructible/regenerating/one-of-those clones,
called the D.E.L.V.E.* Despite everyone hating her for her intrusively
cheerful attitude, she has followed her programming and led her people
to conquer all Wythl, albeit with the intent to impose democracy.

Yocchi blames Persey for her mother's demise (on p. 44 of the Yamara
book, on sale now, so come get it) and has offered such a price
on Persey's head, that some optimistic dark elf observers have opined
the awakening of a genuine mean streak in the happy clone.

In the most recent pages, Persey and Joe's shipboard ceremony is interrupted
by an attack by the dark elf space fleet, the resulting explosions sending
Persey's undead wedding guests flying for the escape sarcophagi, and
leaving Stress without any lower outer garments. Stress has a vision on
the burning deck of her goddess, who tells her to handle these little details
like death and world-ownership herself, without troubling the top executive
gods with project details.

Ogrek scrambles the attacking fleet's communications with the Mime Ray,
but shooting with one's eyes shut is the national pastime among dark elves,
and as Ralph drives the rest of our heroes away from the fiery Treacle
the fleet strikes home. Ogrek goes down with his ship, or, in consideration
of the explosive nature of these end-of-the-Death-Star climaxes, goes up.


Yamara - Exclusive for SciFi.Con

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*For Dark Evil Leveraged Violence Elves. A fairly accurate moniker.
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All contents Copyright © 1997 Manui & Adams
YAMARATM is a trademark of Aetherco. Used with permission.
The Yamara logo was originally designed by Chris Adams, and was enhanced as shown
for the Yamara book by Jeff Koke.

Originally posted for SciFi.Con 11/1997
Content and coding modified for reposting at yamara.com 11/2001
This is an archival site. Links and offers herein may have expired.

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