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PO Box 6392
New York NY 10128-0007

ph/fx (212) 423-0407
Yamara entertainment site: www.io.com/~salvius/yamara.html

Founded in October, 1987, Aetherco's mission has always been one of entertainment. It's first content product, the comic strip "Yamara" was targeted for the Dungeons & Dragons fans, who enjoyed humor with their fantasy adventures.

Our tenth anniversary marks our entry into new realms of gaming:

  • Barbara Manui, president of Aetherco, is currently designing and developing innovative educational games for Millennium.
  • Precedence Publishing has tapped Aetherco's art director, Chris Adams, to be lead conceptual artist for a new game/toy line to be unveiled at next year's Toy Expo.
  • Double Exposure has asked us to revamp their website. And with Sam Lewis, Chris is reediting the rules to the Avatar System.
  • Continuum is a unique time travel game now in development with Dreamcatcher Multimedia.

  • Berkeley Games Distributors has picked up the Yamara book for the December 1997 pre-order pack. Berkeley: 1-800-424-GAME

And, thanks to loyal fans, Yamara is more popular than ever. This year, two Yamara spinoffs have launched: "WarChief: The Alumnus" in Shadis magazine, and "Alcott Squad" premiering in the first issue of Troll magazine, which was well-received at GenCon this year.

Next year is the Yamara strip's tenth anniversary. In preparation for a summer celebration, we invite all parties interested in licensed properties to approach us. We are also open to do design work on new projects. For more details, contact us at the addresses above, or go to our Aetherco home page.


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All contents Copyright © 1997 Aetherco. World rights reserved.
YAMARATM WARCHIEF: THE ALUMNUSTM, ALCOTT SQUADTM and the Aetherco logo are trademarks of Aetherco.

Originally posted for SciFi.Con 11/1997
Content and coding modified for reposting at yamara.com 11/2001
This is an archival site. Links and offers herein may have expired.

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