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Yamara: The Apocrypha

Once upon a time there was a magazine called Dragon...

And at that magazine they had a magical council of sorcerors called in the
ancient tongue of Wisconsin, "editors". And these sagacious editors had the
responsiblity of reviewing every submission for publication in their magazine...


Anyway. Not every Yamara we sent in was perfect, or even perfect for
TSR. But especially during the editorial reign of Roger Moore, we had a few
pieces that we thought were funny sent back, with the objection that we could
be even funnier. Roger was right each time, and we had to think harder about
where to take the strip, as the following examples broadly illustrate.

We hope that every artist and every writer encounters at least one Roger
Moore in their careers, as editors with the sense to send back passable work
in search of excellence are treasure more precious than electrum.


Here follows some gems of that former age, episodes of Yamara that never

Hm, electrum. Never had the chance to make fun of that...


Goddess for a Day Home Insurrection The Only Bat in the Sky


Yamara Copyright ©1997, 2001 Manui & Adams.
YamaraTM and all characters and likenesses are trademarks of Aetherco.
World rights reserved.

Originally posted for SciFi.Con 11/1997
Content and coding modified for reposting at yamara.com 11/2001
This is an archival site. Links and offers herein may have expired.

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