RFW 2.0 September 1999

the BIG news
Alcott Squad
relaunches in


Caliver Books is
racing to reestablish
its presence in the
RPG publishing world with its
Valkyrie magazine, to press again for the first time in over a year.

Details as to the plans for the magazine are still forthcoming, but one fact is already clear: Alcott Squad is part of them.

Originally drawn for the short-lived Troll magazine, Alcott Squad takes one of the most popular, but most briefly seen characters that appeared in Yamara– the lead character's sister, Arcalula– and runs around after her, chronicling her life, adventures, those of her friends, and the agonies of fighting oppression while trying to keep their songs on the top of the charts.

"It was a little bizarre doing a comic about a band, because one thing comics are is silent," explains coauthor Chris Adams, "but with modern web tech, other possibilities emerge, and we're looking into that, too."

Valkyrie #18 may be out for EuroGenCon, or slightly thereafter.

RFW 2.0 September 1999

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