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Our Current Top Five as of May 11, 2006.
Dicebox  Dicebox by Jenn Manley Lee
We have a soft spot for people who are penning their magnum opus. Especially one as gob-smacking as this. Two migrant workers in the distant future are hitchhiking around the stars, looking for work, and suffer from the real life of another time. One of the strongest SF pieces out there.

Iron Circus  Templar, Sparkneedle and Blikada by Spike & Matt
Oh, but yes. Fantasy deserves more realists, and it looks like the genre has new champions in Spike and her co, Matt. Blending wonder with bitter is the work of mastercrafts, and we look forward to seeing everything that comes out of these Chicago minds.
(And no one is excused from checking out their fast car of real realism: Lucas & Odessa.)

A Lesson  A Lesson Is Learned, But the Damage Is
by David Hellman & Dale Beran

A Lesson Is Learned already stands as a webcomic legend, with its intricate analyses of character and substance, and nigh-experimental technique. But some of the latest installments, "This Will Be Decided In The Traditional Way" and "The Earthbound Clouds" are a kind of madsterpiece... like E. Nesbit complaining about the boring chores of church service, or like the culture of Wonderland resigning to its own native crisis of Peak Oil.

B&N  The Adventures of Boschen & Nesuko by Setsuled
Heroism and defending justice fades into entropic static when the people could care less. The story follows two jaundiced galactic 'paladins' as they address relatively small, fleeting problems while an amoral madness descends upon the once civilized universe.
The disenfranchised fury at arrogant neglect and naked greed are become palpable in the series, as explained by the author in his blog:
I think it goes back to my Donald Duck complex--I really identified with Donald Duck as a kid, but I was always afraid of being like him, finding myself impotent in my anger. In those cartoons, you can sense how the universe respects Donald's anger--it's always met with the humiliation of Donald.

Something Positive  Something Positive by R. K. Milholland
Randy Milholland linked to Yamara from his extremely popular comic, S*P, thus giving us so much traffic, it created bandwidth issues for us with our host. These are the kinds of problems only friends can give you– the fêted frustration that is the Milholland narrative hallmark. Now with its own theme songs.
Randy has placed his S*Pinoffs New Gold Dreams and Midnight Macabre on indefinite hiatus, but it'll make you an honest woman if you read them, too.



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