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The Dreme of
The Purple Knight

by Barbara Manui

The subconscious is an alarming thing. They say we only use twenty percent
of our brains, or some such. But there is a dark continent beneath the surface
of our minds, vastly knowing and cross-referential, which some of us access
in sleep. And our dreams churn up some crazy things.

Here's a dream I had a few years ago. Time to share it with mankind.

Nice office somewhere. Man at a desk (looks a lot like Will Shatner in a
business suit), looking through papers. Someone's resume. Wall beside
desk has a lifesize painting of a man in antique costume, out of focus. Man
sets down papers as the door opens. A younger man comes in and the first
man gestures to him to sit across.

"Well?" says the youth. "What do you think?"

Will in the suit fairly glows with pride. "I think," he says, savoring every
word, "I think that you can follow after me. I think that you can be the
Purple Knight."

The young man is stunned, delighted. "Really?"

"Oh," says Will. "Yes. We've been looking for a long time, but I believe
you have the qualities we need." He pauses, studying the younger man.
Then, with measured, concentrated reverence:

"You have his manner. You have his gait. And..." He pauses, beaming at
the painting in an ecstasy.

The younger man turns to look. Angle changes to the painting. As I look
closer I recognize the image. I've seen it all my life. So have you.

"...and you have his face--
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