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Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome...


Debuting in December, in Troll Magazine, ALCOTT SQUAD is about Yamara's sister Arcalula and her all-girl commando rock band from Space. No pussycats these, Arky's girls can rock the house and take out a legion of interstellar shock
troops simultaneously. Readers, be cautioned. This is not a cartoon for kids. It is a stark and realistic document about three undersized women taking their band to the stars, and acing anyone who gets in their way.

Arcalula began life as a pretty halfling-lass from a big family, but then her life changed. All she remembers was that she was abducted by aliens, sold to other aliens, turned into a cyborg, and held in slavery on dark planets. Her only solace was her cello, cybernetically concealed in her left forearm.

Kafira, the bass guitarist, is the only professional commando in the band. A Zanic warrior from the Affiliation of Worlds, she arrived during what she recalls as warp accident during a pitched battle with the M'largg Star Consortium. Like Arky, she also has conflicting memories of how she came to wind up in a rock band. The fact that she didn't come to the act knowing English hasn't helped her attempts to find out.

Kirilianti, the band's drummer, is an enigmatic, tortured soul, who uses magic freely. Kiril is on the run from her own reality, and sometimes doesn't believe the band really exists.  

Click through below, and come see what we're on about.

Alcott Squad
Alcott Squad Issue 0 - SciFi.Con
Caution: 450k Shockwave file ahead.
The Unshocked Read, Offsite.

Arcalula's Heavy Zone
The Best in SciFi and Gamer Music!

Best Consumed with Shockwave. Snag it above, free.

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All contents Copyright © 1997 Manui & Adams
YAMARATM, ALCOTT SQUADTM, ARCALULATM, KAFIRATM, and KIRILIANTITM are trademarks of Aetherco. Used with permission.

Originally posted for SciFi.Con 11/1997
Content and coding modified for reposting at yamara.com 11/2001
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