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Exclusive Coverage of Surprise Manned Interstellar Mission
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Oct. 16, 1997
- The weather over southern Florida is perfect this morning for the launch of a program no ordinary citizen could have expected: manned spacefight outside the solar system.
The news has only come over the press wires and web newsgroups early this morning that the National Air and Space Administration has been secretly planning for some years the launch of a space vehicle of advanced design to the nearby Alpha Centauri star system.
Confirmed innovations abound, including an onboard robot with very advanced AI capabilities and a crew-- possibly based on a Star Trek: The Next Generation model-- of a complete family unit.
In what must be the last and greatest press coup of the second millenium, SciFi Channel has been granted exclusive coverage of the launch, presumably through their Inside Space news unit. Coverage lasts all day today (October 16th).

Details as to the reason for the extreme secrecy are not yet forthcoming, but the common wisdom suggests that NASA has been holding back one major plum to maintain funding in Congress. The family-in-space concept is seen by initial observers to be a nod to Republican pressures and interests.
We at Radio Free Wythl and Aetherco applaud NASA for its continued commitment to the space sciences and to our collective sense of wonder. With the recent setbacks in lost deep space probes, the Hubble lens, failed repairs to Mir, and stuck Martian robots, we're certain that the JUPITER II interstellar mission will make us forget these little details, and refresh us with a renewed success and triumph in space.


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