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Hard Fun 12: Offstage Betrayal!
First published: April, 1995. Posted Online: March 06, 2006.
See this episode in its original format.

We'll have that promised anti-car-ad rant up shortly...
As for this episode, the Dragon editors were asking us to wrap up the Hard Fun business. That meant cutting some of the plot short. If you've been reading the Hard Fun sequence for the first time, it probably doesn't seem very strung out, but bear in mind posting twice a week is very different from once a month. Hard Fun at this point had been running for an entire year.
So there was going to be an episode with Glathheld appearing on a desert sleigh, claiming to Freznip that Nêl and pals had defeated him, and reduced him to a humble ice cream vendor. The rest was to be a riff on The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but we had not gotten to writing an entire "lost episode" before we scratched yet another dig at the great C.S. Lewis.












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