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BAD ASIAN LANGUAGE CHANGE honors MOUNT SPRING INTEMATIONAL and their amazing modern ancient communist for-profit product, AOQILI DEFAT SOAP:

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Where do you want to lose weight?
Just lather up.

AOQILI Seaweed Defat Soap is a specialty soap for weight-loss and skin health. It is formulated according to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine. It contains many kinds of trace elements, vitamins, and minerals from natural Chinese herbs. These components can penetrate into the skin, where they promote blood circulation and metabolism, resulting in getting rid of subcutaneous fat and keeping the skin tender. Owing to the significant effect of defat, the soap is a powerful tool for fighting against overweight. On the other hand, it is advisable for persons with normal weight, use of the soap should be with caution.

AOQILI is a unique and high quality product that integrates the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, latest scientific research results and the state-of-art of manufactures. Several patents were filed for the soap. The production of the soap is supervised by the National Quality Insurance Center for Medium and Light Industrial Products of P. R. China. The manufacturer has been honored as a Good Enterprises of Quality of the Supervised Product.

The application of the soap for weight-loss is simple, No diets or exercise is required. Simply lather up and massage the part of the body with extra fat while taking the shower every day. It is important to keep in mind, however, one must keep on using the soap 2-3 bars as a course of treatment, although the effect can be appreciated after using 1 bat. The excretion of urine or feces may increase after the use of this soap. This is normal. The unnecessary materials drain through the excretory system.

Chinese has a long history of keeping fit. An old woman without attending any schools may tell a saying: Tons of gold are not enough to exchange for a thin body when one gets old. For more than 5000 years, Chinese have been using and relying on various kinds of natural products for maintaining health.

Mount Spring Intemational is pleased to bring you the AOQILI, a modern product based on the traditional Chinese medicine helpful to weight-loss, May you be more beauty, healthy and happy.

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